A talented group of writers, editor and photographer contributed to the Cerca Country Guides. Here are profiles of several of these individuals.

CMB_authorswebRoxanna Brock, Author & Jared McMillen, Photographer- After obtaining a degree in chemical engineering, Roxanna used her first paycheck to purchase a mountain bike. Touring the trails around Austin, Texas where she worked for IBM, she discovered rock climbing. Within two years she retired from the white-collar world and became a professional rock climber. Her new career took her to France, Spain, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, and Mexico, and allowed her to perform feats such as the first ascent of Hainabrakk Tower, a formation in the Karakoram mountain range of Pakistan.

Through rock climbing she met Jared McMillen, who shared her love of the outdoor life. At nearly the same time, both choose to quit living in their vehicles and take residence in Las Vegas, home to some of the best rock climbing in the country. Brock began writing about the region’s climbing and scenic opportunities, while McMillen became an outdoor adventure photographer.

Meanwhile, both continued mountain biking for its cross-training benefits as well as its fun, and discovered around Las Vegas a countryside perfectly suited for two-wheeling. Brock says the biking rivals the famed slisckrock of Moab, Utah, but is well known and less crowded.

Each of the authors has been published in the Cerca travel pages of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Cerca magazine, Rock and Ice Magazine, and other periodicals. Both specialize, of course, in adventure sports.

A.D. Hopkins, Editor – A.D. served as editor on all four of the Cerca Country Guides. He is also the author of The First 100 and a journalist with the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

DeborahWallwebjpgDeb Wall, Author – Deborah Wall is an expert on hiking and touring in Southern Nevada and the surrounding region. She writes a bi-weekly hiking column in the View neighborhood newspapers distributed with the Las Vegas Review-Journal and is the most-featured writer in the Cerca Pages, a part of the Review-Journal devoted to regional travel in the Southwest.

Formerly a television reporter and producer, Wall is an experienced and poised public speaker who offers an in depth slide show featuring the photographs from her travels.

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